The Fast Track To Mastery Breakdown

Design Sprint Clinic
One-to-One Delivery Strategy Lab
The Design Sprint Smoke Test

Take the fast track to learn, practice and get certified.

You want it fast, we hear you. The Fast Track To Mastery class is small enough (10 seats) for you to bring in your questions and receive the undivided attention from our founder and mentors to get your practice going. There is nothing standard about the FT2M program.

The Design Sprint Clinic

Date: 08/31/2019
Time: 9 pm to 1 pm (PST)

Meet our founder, author, serial entrepreneur, and Design Sprint pioneer Tenny Pinheiro. Tenny will personally teach you Design Sprint best practices, pitfalls, and hacks for both the GV Model and the MVS Model. In addition to traditional Sprints, Tenny will also discuss best design sprint practices for mobile development, machine learning, and game development, all part of his recent body of work in Silicon Valley.

One-to-One delivery Strategy Lab

Date: Scheduled one-to-one.
Time: 60 min

A one-hour facetime with Tenny and his team scheduled at your convenience to fine tune your Design Sprint Delivery strategy, including marketing, pitch decks, methods, selling approaches, whatever challenge you may be facing. Take this unique opportunity to bulletproof your delivery strategy and get your practice going or review it to take it to another level. 


One-To-One Delivery Strategy Lab

A one-hour facetime with Tenny and his team scheduled at your convenience to fine tune your Design Sprint Delivery strategy, including marketing, pitch decks, methods, selling approaches, whatever challenge you may be facing.

Your Design Sprint Strategy Smoke test

Date: Up to 30 days after Clinic.
Time: Participant submit materials for review and feedback.

With a reviewed Design Sprint Delivery strategy in hand, it is time to get out there and test the critical parts of it to receive valuable feedback. Possible tests include user-research, planning, and execution, session moderation, sales pitch decks, etc. During 30 days, counted after the clinic, you will be able to run strategies by us for debug, validation and improvements.

The breakdown

Here's the FT2M route to absolute success when planning, executing and wrapping up your sprints.

The Design Sprint Clinic

The clinic is live and online,  its a four hour live class broke down into five main components:  Sprint Planning, User Research, Ideation, Prototyping and Wrap up. We will cover advancements, corrections, tricks, hacks and best practices for both the GV Model (Design Thinking) and the MVS Model (Service Design). Students will receive access to our online platform prior to the session, this allows them to prepare in advance and make the best out of their live-time with Tenny and the team. These sessions are recorded and will be available on demand to watch later at your convenience.

Loop us in: 
One-to-one delivery strategy lab

This is a unique chance to run your strategy by our founder and the mentorship team. During this one-hour facetime, you will be able to discuss anything you want, including Design Sprints execution, methods, planning, commercial practices, client challenges, whatever fits your needs and adds to your current or new Design Sprint delivery strategy. We'll work on your stuff. Don't worry, our team will help you make sure you are ready to take the most out of this session.

Run a smoke test

This will save you years of practice. The smoke testing is the perfect safe space for you to test the delivery strategy before executing it. This test can include Design Sprint techniques, marketing strategies, post-sprint actions. Anything, really.  During 30 days you will receive on-point feedback and precise ways to improve and add value to your delivery strategy. This, combined with the fact you will watch other participants tests and feedbacks rack up to give you the equivalent wisdom of two years of Design Sprint practice.

Fireside Chat with Silicon Valley Guest

We will get together around the fireplace for a nice and cozy talk with a guest to discuss the impact Design and Agile can have on sytems, produtcs and company cultures.
Past Camp guests include people from Apple, Airbnb, Zynga etc.

Get there faster:
The Design Sprint Master Certificate

The FT2M program is your chance to grab our sought after premium certificate without having to dedicate time to study to pass the exam. First you will submit the test evidence, you can do it as early as 2 days after the Clinic. Then you will receive detailed feedback along with the Design Sprint Master Certificate. With over 800 graduate students across the globe, our Sprint Master certificate is a solid token that will boost your credibility inside organizations or as an independent consultant.


We've been running Live Online Design Sprint programs since 2016. Here's what past participants have to say.
"The Design Sprint practice we've learned helped us find an alternative business model and revenue stream and we ended up pivoting the business. Huge impact on our startup in such a short period of time. Business-changing experience."

Nick Larson

Co-Founder - Y Combinator funded Startup.

"The Design Sprint School team and approach was instrumental in helping us create the environment and the internal capacity to run our Design Sprints for internal Ventures and for running Co-innovation at our Cisco Innovation Centers around the world

Oseas Ramirez


"What I valued the most was the rich discussions with the role group and the peer designing approach that gave a warmth to the program despite the distance, creating a proximity between me the peer and the mentor."

Servane Mouazan

CEO @ Women in Social Enterprises & Tech 4 Good

"I really enjoyed the program, the content and the ability to practice along the way with a peer and a strong support from the mentors made all the difference."

Jenni Philippe

Customer experience designer @ Telstra

FT2M instructors and mentors

Get your knowledge from the makers. the people that pioneered the field and keep redefining the Design Sprints landscape worldwide.

Tenny Pinheiro

Principal instructor //

Tenny is a unicorn, the term is used in Silicon Valley to describe designers who also excel in coding. He pioneered Design Sprints in 2014 with his book: The Service Startup, Design Thinking Gets Lean (Elsevier). The book, published two years before Google's SPRINT, introduced the concept and coined the name Service Design Sprints. Tenny is a former Founding Director at Livework, a serial entrepreneur, software engineer, UX Designer, thought leader and author of six books on Design Sprints, Design Thinking and Service Design. His extensive body of work in the field include having planned, executed and mentored hundreds of Design Sprints worldwide. In addition, he was responsible for the creation of Design Sprint methodologies and Design Sprint-based acceleration programs for companies like Cisco in Silicon Valley where he lives. Tenny is also a columnist at the influential American Design blog Core77.
Most people teaching Design Sprints come from a facilitation/management/consultancy background. This is not the case. Tenny is an award-winner designer and software developer with decades of hands-on experience creating and shipping products. Check his current product development venture here.


Supporting team

Our mentors are certified alumni that are  pushing the boundaries of the field by putting the knowledge they acquired at service to transform the world to the better. Participants are paired with a mentor.

We've been educatnig and are trusted by world’s cutting edge companies like.


One time cost: 


Date: 11/01.
# of participants: 10.
Duration: 4h online live class + 60 min one-one live video Q&A + 30 days active mentor support + Design Sprint School Online content full access.
 Online (voice, video, chat, digital whiteboard)

Access and perks hidden under your seat:

- 10+ hours of live online interaction with Tenny Pinheiro and top Sprint Masters via chat and video will get you sharp, and up to speed.
- You will be paired with a mentor.
- Lifetime access to our award-winning Online Content platform. A comprehensive source of assets,  guidelines, checklists, examples and canvases. This access alone amounts for $948  per year!
- Access to all three stages of the FT2M program.
- Access for 30 days to the video, audio and digital whiteboard platform. Connect, share, work together and receive the live support of our team and mentors.
- The Design Sprint Master certificate (without the need to pass the exam).

Want to join as a mentor? 

We reserve mentor seats for our community of certified Sprint Masters. Requirements: 

-Mentors are chosen accordingly to their experience levels and areas of expertise.
The FT2M program is an opportunity to interact with Tenny and the most accomplished Sprint Masters of our community. The mentors on this program are really the black-ops of the Design Sprint realm. If you feel like this is for you, please submit your information.
-We don't accept applications from people certified by other programs other than the Design Sprint School.
If you are our alumni, you know why. We investigate Design Sprints at a much deeper level. Most schools focus on facilitation. We teach Design Sprints with a big emphasis on the "D".

Can't decide? Don't hesitate to contact us!


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